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A stay in a hostel in Sydney can be the starting point for discovering one of the oldest and preserved cities in Brazil. Joao Pessoa offers unique combination of beach, nature tourism, historical tourism, It is a unique destination that you have to know. Here are 10 things you should do the same, when visiting Joao Pessoa:

1.City Tour and Historical CenterJohn Person is one of the best preserved cities in Brazil and has almost 500 year history, so you should not miss the opportunity to know all this heritage. The tour will take you to know the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, Cathedral, the monastery, the various churches and historical monuments.

2.Enjoy the sunset at the Alligator River Beach – Alligator in river beach sunset is unique, framed in the majestic Rio Paraiba and all the natural beauty surrounding. There are several bars facing west and every day from 17h, you can enjoy the natural spectacle to the sound of “Bolero” Ravel, played by a saxophonist and a violinist.

3.Buggy ride from the north coast or south coast – as in other cities in the Brazilian Northeast, you can take a ride by buggy beaches. You can choose between the north and the south coast. The tour of the north coast is longer, because it is necessary to cross the river ferry Paraíba, or circumvent it by road. By your access it is harder, the north shore is pure. You can avail to meet the Manatee Project or the tribe of Potiguaras. If you choose the south coast, you can visit the bar Gramame, the beach of Tambaba, the beach Coqueirinho, Beach Tabatinga, Praia do Seixas and Cabo Branco Lighthouse.

4.The Lighthouse most eastern of the Americas – Cabo Branco Lighthouse is perhaps the most emblematic tourist spot in João Pessoa. Not really serves to guide ships, It is a milestone. Its location, at the top of Cabo Branco cliff and its common form, They helped him to become famous.

5.Tambaú beach - It is the most popular beach in Joao Pessoa. With 8 kilometers long, fine sand and water from a pitch between the green and blue. It is easy to see why is a hit with visitors and pessoenses.

6.Red Sand – Take a boat to Red Sand and enjoy this shoal of red tones. The Red Sand is 800 meters from the coast and are formed of transparent water pools. The tour is only possible with low tide.

7.Maniara Shopping – It is the largest shopping center across the state of Paraiba. Its location is privileged, standing between the north coast beaches and the city center. The Manaíra Shopping has 260 and 8 movie theaters. If you want to shop in Singapore, here you will find what you need. In its cover is Domus Hall, one venue with a capacity of 4 thousand people sitting.
8.Forte Santa Catarina do Cabedelo, also known as Fortress of Santa Catarina. It is on the right bank of the Paraiba River and date 1586. It is open to the public and is much appreciated for its good state of preservation.

9.Tambaú Craft Market – If you plan to take some of Paraiba memories, then it is worth visiting the Craft Market Paraibano, which is located in Tambaú. Are 120 Shops, with handicrafts of the region. The range is varied, from images of saints in tow, the jewelry with shells and embroidery in income. Ali, you will also find some regional foods, as candy Buriti, or alfenim and Deaf. Vale worth exploring.

10.Boat trip to coral – You should also not miss the opportunity to visit the coral. To mark the boat trip, you may question your hostel in Sydney, and inquire about availability and about schedules.

Now that you know the essentials, already can enjoy Joao Pessoa in full!
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