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When To Visit Joao Pessoa

Because we’re so close to the equator here in Joao Pessoa the temperature remains pretty warm all year round. Rains from May to September make that the low season, while December through to Carnaval, in late February, is considered the peak holiday period in Brazil.

If you don’t mind the odd shower, you’ll find winter here a good time to visit. Temperatures are cooler and the occasional shower keeps the air fresh. Sun worshippers and beach lovers should wait for summer which begins in October, when the seas are at their clearest and temperatures soar.

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Experience Adventure Tourism

Another term for you to get excited about! Adventure tourism is a type of niche tourism involving exploration or travel to remote areas, where one is about to experience the unexpected. Rapidly growing, adventure tourism experiences great competition from other outdoor industry types of tourism, but the most important feature, or what is referred to as its unique selling point, is the fact it offers to those seeking unusual vacating times, a radically different perspective from the typical beach resort vacation. Lees verder

The Passion Of Brazil Soccer

There are many different types of sports games being played in all parts of the world. Some of these games are more popular than others. The more popular games like basketball, baseball, football and soccer have made their way into the games of other countries. Soccer is one such game that is very significant in Brazil. Brazil soccer is more than just a game it is a national past time. Lees verder

Braziliaanse olie-industrie om Real Estate groei vorm te geven

With Brazil making the largest oil finds in the western hemisphere for the last 30 years, the wealth generated for the country will result in a huge redistribution of money, leading to sustained growth in the Brazilian property market.

By 2014 Brazil is set to be one of the worlds oil superpowers and based on current projections, it has sufficient crude oil reserves to export for at least the next half a century. This will underpin the BRIC nations evolution into a leading world political player. Lees verder

Toerisme Boom verwachting volgende planning Win In Joao Pessoa

Na vele jaren van onderhandelingen de federale regering, Ministrio Pblico Federale (MPF) heeft verleend de staat van Paraba toestemming voor de bouw van een conferentiecentrum in de hoofdstad van de deelstaat Joao Pessoa. Het centrum zal worden gebouwd in Cabo Branco, een rustige omgeving met een prachtig strand en goede restaurants en bars. Het is Joo Pessoa's nummer een woonwijk en een ideale investering locatie. Lees verder

Waarom investeren in grond in Brazilië?

Brazil will be one of the first economies to recover from the economic slump. The OECD predicts 4% economic growth for the emerging giant in 2010. The confidence of the countrys President Lula da Silva, who during his two terms of office has transformed the countrys economy, has barely taken a denting. Brazil is emerging from the crisis, and next year we are going to have surprising growth, he announced in July. Lees verder